2nd Floor, Centria Mall
210 Olaya Street, Riyadh 11672

The Food

Hualan delivers an authentic flavour of the East while combining traditional oriental techniques with the highest quality international ingredients. A contemporary take on Chinese cuisine using novel flavours and texture combinations, inspired by Chinese and Pan Asian cuisine.

The food is served to share. The dishes are steadily brought to the table creating the informal yet sophisticated style of dining, with a contemporary twist; presenting authentic and alluring options, with bold flavors and simple presentation, highlighting quality ingredients.

A real feature of the Hualan Restaurant is its open kitchen. With views through the specially designed windows, and fronted by an etched glass pattern evoking the Chinese heritage of the interior design, customers can see the care and attention taken in each step of the cooking process. The atmosphere here is at once welcoming and relaxing, but subtle enough not to distract from the food itself.

Chi Hao He Hao Eat well, drink well

Find Us

1 pm - 11:30 pm Daily
2nd Floor, Centria Mall
210 Olaya Street, Riyadh 11672

For inquiries please contact on :

+966 11 211 0999